Tours with James Smith

Take a tour of Cliveden led by James Smith!


Jahzeer Terrell portraying James Smith. Picture courtesy of Cliveden of the National Trust.

This summer, Cliveden offers special tours led by James Smith, a free African American man who worked for the Chew family for over fifty years. James will lead visitors throughout the Main House and share stories from the 19th century. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to ask James questions.

Tickets are $15 and on sale through Eventbrite and at the door for the following dates: July 27th and August 24th. Due to the intimate nature of the tours, groups will be capped at 15 people. The tours begin at the Carriage House Visitor Center, located at 98 E. Cliveden Street. Visitors should check-in at the Carriage House and afterwards will be led to the Main House by a Cliveden guide. These tours do involve walking and standing through the Main House, which has two floors. Stools are available for those who may have difficulty standing for long periods. The tours are not recommended for children 12 years of age and under. Purchase your ticket today!



About James Smith

James Smith on the front steps of the Main House. Courtesy of Cliveden of the National Trust.

James Smith (c. 1790-1871) was a free African American man who worked for the Chew family from 1819 until his death in 1871. He worked at Cliveden when it was owned by Benjamin Chew, Jr. (1758-1844) and Benjamin’s youngest daughter Anne Sophia Penn Chew (1805-1892) as coachman and later as a general servant. The Chew family, particularly Anne Sophia and her nephew Samuel Chew III (1832-1887), thought very highly of James and upon his passing, paid for his coffin, burial, and wrote his obituary. James Smith is the second figure in Cliveden’s logo.





About Jahzeer Terrell


Jahzeer Terrell is a Philadelphia Actor, Teaching Artist, VO Artist and Musician. He has been in numerous productions in the Philadelphia area, and serves as a guide here at Cliveden. Jahzeer has also portrayed James Smith in past productions of the dramatic event Liberty to Go to See.