O Beautiful for…An Unfinished Song about America

05/25/2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cliveden Carriage House
Address: 98 E. Cliveden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Come and join the song!

On Saturday, May 25th, let your voice be heard by adding new verses to the song, ‘America the Beautiful.’ From 10 AM to 12 PM, local author and artist Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers will guide visitors in a workshop to discuss their feelings on what makes America beautiful, what is flawed about our country, and what we aspire to as a nation. Participants will then transform their feelings into new lyrics for ‘America the Beautiful’  and finish by singing both old and new lyrics as a group.

The workshop will be held in Cliveden’s Carriage House, located on 98 E. Cliveden Street, 19144, and is wheelchair accessible. Street parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood. Tickets are $8 and on sale now. Space is limited, advanced purchase is required.

About Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers

Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers is a local author, artist, and former teacher at Germantown Friends School.

About ‘America the Beautiful’

America the Beautiful is a song of celebration and aspiration. It acknowledges that America has flaws that need to be mended, but insists that America is both up to the challenge and worth cherishing.  By writing new verses for the old song and singing them together we reaffirm our dedication to what’s beautiful about America and our commitment to mending what’s flawed, while promoting brotherhood (and sisterhood) from sea to shining sea! Singing about what we care about lifts us up and binds us together. It can help us to protect what’s best about our country, to see where we’ve gone astray, and to keep walking toward a more just society.