Your Support Helps Keep History Alive at Cliveden

Jahzeer Terrell portraying James Smith in “Liberty to Go to See.” Smith was born a slave, purchased his freedom, and served the Chews as a trusted servant for many years until his death in 1871.

Dear Friends:
In May 2016,  the American Association for State & Local History awarded Cliveden a 2016 Leadership in History Award for “Liberty to Go to See,” the dramatic event based on stories from the Chew Papers staged throughout the Main House. Your support made this production possible. Because of your contributions Cliveden has become a nationally recognized center for the exploration of race, history, and memory. Thank you.
With your support we are able to continue expanding and developing such important programs. In 2017 we will be working with Philadelphia Young Playwrights, Johnnie Hobbs, and Patricia Scott-Hobbs to add new scenes to “Liberty to Go to See” based on information discovered through the Living Kitchens planning process supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.
In October the Revolutionary Germantown Festival engaged thousands of visitors with the role Germantown played in the founding of our nation. This year included a flag folding ceremony led by Saving Hallowed Ground to honor the soldiers who died during the Battle. Thank you to everyone who supported this spectacular community event!
The Living Kitchens at Cliveden planning process supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage to restore and activate the 1767 Kitchen Dependency and 1959 Kitchen is coming to a successful conclusion. The programming, from the Kitchen Conversations to the Mid-Century Modern Pop-Up Shop & Cocktail Party, generated tremendous excitement as people welcomed the opportunity to explore the new aspects of Cliveden’s history. We look forward to more exciting discoveries and programs in 2017!
Cliveden is a place where people can know history, feel its power, and share it with others. If you have contributed to Cliveden in the past, we thank you and hope you will consider a donation at or above last year’s level. If you were introduced to Cliveden this year, please consider a donation to help us reach more people in 2017. Because your support makes history useful.
David W. Young, Ph.D., Executive Director


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Cliveden’s mission is to help people understand our shared history and motivate them to preserve it by providing access to the rich continuity of history and preservation in one community and family over time, and by offering direction and knowledge about preserving our built heritage and its value. We fulfill this mission by:
  1. Preserving our houses, grounds, and collections;
  2.  Interpreting Cliveden meaningfully to the public based on solid research;
  3. Working with local businesses and community revitalization and historical organizations to be a catalyst for preserving and reusing historic buildings to sustain economic development for historic Northwest Philadelphia and beyond;
  4. Promoting our community’s cultural life and historic preservation efforts;
  5. Being a model of historic site management and preservation outreach;
  6. Making history useful to help foster a pride of place to help build vibrant communities in Greater Germantown.




We are grateful to these organizations and the individuals who generously sustain Cliveden with grants and donations. Every contribution makes a difference. Thank you for your support.


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