AASLH National Leadership in History Award for the Special Project: Emancipating Cliveden

This truly special project, in the simplest form, focuses on a new and challenging interpretation of a fabulous historic house and grounds.  The details of this project are impressive and long, but in brief it is comprised of a core exhibit, a new orientation video, a new website, and a community-based program series – all of which challenge its visitors with new deeper interpretation of the house residents and its history. Additionally, the new scholarship precipitated an update to Cliveden’s National Historic Landmark status.  An impressive and remarkable amount of successful work indeed.

This project was seen by the Awards Committee as a model for other historic home/property organizations with regard to the stewardship of, and obligations to, both tangible and intellectual/historic property, the involvement of the local community with sincere consideration and respect, and the skill with which a difficult past has been reincorporated and transformed into a true appreciation of all aspects of a shared history.