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1926 Open House at Cliveden. From the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

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Cliveden is one of Philadelphia’s most significant historic sites. The story of Cliveden reflects the diversity in American history through the stories of one household over 250 years. Built 1763-1767, Cliveden was occupied by seven generations of the Chew family, including three women as heads of household, and their service staff, enslaved, indentured and free. From the programs offered at Cliveden–from our award-winning Cliveden Conversations–to fun events such as Clues & Booze & Chews: Scavenger Hunt, our programs bring old and new friends to our site and helps us continue our mission to share Cliveden’s history with the community.



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Visitors participating in Clues & Booze & Chews: Scavenger Hunt


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